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Unity Through Peace

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Waarom / doel van de activiteit

Deze activiteit is gemaakt voor de Wereld Jamboree in Japan en is daarom geheel in het Engels geschreven. 

The Hague in the Netherlands is the Peace capital in the world with both the Peace Palace with the International Court of Justice and The International Criminal Court (ICC). Unfortunately there are still countries in the world where for whatever reason there is no peace. With this workshop participants will get to see how to build a sustainable peace.

Beschrijving van de activiteit

After a short presentation the participants will work on building peace via roleplaying several parties that are involved in a conflict in the fictional country Bambilia. The participants will work in small groups. Through cooperation and negotiation they will try to acquire peace for their country.

At the end of the workshop the participants will reflect and determine on how they themselves can build on sustainable peace.

Benodigd materiaal

There will be enough space for each activity. The following facilities will be provided for each activity:

In the attachment your can find all materials needed. Inclusing the cards for the five subgroups. Dutch scouts can lend the banners and the cards at the national office in Leusden.



For the best result you need 5 leaders, so each target group has a leader, who can make sure that everyone gets a change to speak and clarify things if needed.


Dit programma is geschikt voor fase 2 (Wij) van de Development Award.


We are very gratefull for the help and matrials from 'Stichting Upact.' This game is based on their program 'Regel de Wereldvrede'.

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